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Mount Olympus August 5, 2010

Summer trekking on Olympus Mountain! The weather was great and not a single cloud could hide the unspeakable beauty of the mountain of the Gods.

We decided to follow a round route in order to walk to as many paths of mount Olympus as possible.

The trekking started Friday night from “Prionia” towards “Zolota’s Refuge”. At the silent path we were accompanied only by few fireflies.

With the first Saturday morning sunlight we started climbing at the “Kofto” path, with the ageless glacier.  The tearing down of the chamois was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

At the “Plateau of the Muses” is Chr. Kakalos Refuge with the exquisite view to “Stefani”. Hundreds meter higher is the refuge G. Apostolidis.

We followed the path under the “Stefani” and we arrived at “Mytikas Louki”, a rocky climbing path, well signed, that leaded us to the higher point of our country.

The view from Mytikas peak is unique to all directions. The peaceful view of the sea is conflicting with the wild beauty of the rock at “Kazania”.

We started descending from the passage of “Kakia Skala”, a unique rocky creation of the nature, that drives you through the peaks to the “Zonaria” path.

Sleeping over at the “Plateau of the Muses” is a unique experience. In Kakalos’ refuge there is a overnight stay ability, and there is a kitchen open all day. Around the refuge is  plenty of space to set up a tent.

The next morning the clouds started ascending at Gods’ mountain and we decided to return back, through the “Zonaria” path.  The pour rocky plantation, started to become richer as we got closer to Zolotas’ refuge, and the colorful  grassland was covered by the magisterial robola.

After a small break at the refuge we continued the descending to Prionia.

Until next time… Enjoy the mountains!