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Astraka Refuge November 9, 2009

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The last sunny days of October were the perfect oppurtunity to enjoy the heights of Tymfi, before the snow
covers them. The conditions were ideal for walk, the clouds were minimal and only in the morning hours, and the evening breeze reminded us that in the mountain winter comes always earlier.

The renewed warm and hospitable refuge, is a perfect stop for tea or coffee. The kitchen is open all day not only for those who stay in the refuge but also for the passing trekkers. The view from the shelter is unique. Astraka, the path of Drakolimni, the fringes of Gamila, all of them can be seen from the refuge’s balcony.
The refuge is open from May through October but for more information you can visit the site or communicate with Giorgos Rokas, who is in charge of the refuge.

Starting from the village up to the refuge you will find four springs with crystal water. The path is clearly marked with frequent labelling and constitutes ideal start for the beginners. The region is a beloved destination for many trekkers while nature’s pictures alternate by the seasons and offer unique experiences.


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