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Travelling… September 28, 2008

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All of us would like to travel in the most distant and mysterious corners of our planet. Until we actualize  our dreams lets share pictures and experiences from places we have already been. Bon voyage…


Mount Olympus August 5, 2010

Summer trekking on Olympus Mountain! The weather was great and not a single cloud could hide the unspeakable beauty of the mountain of the Gods.

We decided to follow a round route in order to walk to as many paths of mount Olympus as possible.

The trekking started Friday night from “Prionia” towards “Zolota’s Refuge”. At the silent path we were accompanied only by few fireflies.

With the first Saturday morning sunlight we started climbing at the “Kofto” path, with the ageless glacier.  The tearing down of the chamois was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

At the “Plateau of the Muses” is Chr. Kakalos Refuge with the exquisite view to “Stefani”. Hundreds meter higher is the refuge G. Apostolidis.

We followed the path under the “Stefani” and we arrived at “Mytikas Louki”, a rocky climbing path, well signed, that leaded us to the higher point of our country.

The view from Mytikas peak is unique to all directions. The peaceful view of the sea is conflicting with the wild beauty of the rock at “Kazania”.

We started descending from the passage of “Kakia Skala”, a unique rocky creation of the nature, that drives you through the peaks to the “Zonaria” path.

Sleeping over at the “Plateau of the Muses” is a unique experience. In Kakalos’ refuge there is a overnight stay ability, and there is a kitchen open all day. Around the refuge is  plenty of space to set up a tent.

The next morning the clouds started ascending at Gods’ mountain and we decided to return back, through the “Zonaria” path.  The pour rocky plantation, started to become richer as we got closer to Zolotas’ refuge, and the colorful  grassland was covered by the magisterial robola.

After a small break at the refuge we continued the descending to Prionia.

Until next time… Enjoy the mountains!


Astraka Refuge November 9, 2009

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The last sunny days of October were the perfect oppurtunity to enjoy the heights of Tymfi, before the snow
covers them. The conditions were ideal for walk, the clouds were minimal and only in the morning hours, and the evening breeze reminded us that in the mountain winter comes always earlier.

The renewed warm and hospitable refuge, is a perfect stop for tea or coffee. The kitchen is open all day not only for those who stay in the refuge but also for the passing trekkers. The view from the shelter is unique. Astraka, the path of Drakolimni, the fringes of Gamila, all of them can be seen from the refuge’s balcony.
The refuge is open from May through October but for more information you can visit the site or communicate with Giorgos Rokas, who is in charge of the refuge.

Starting from the village up to the refuge you will find four springs with crystal water. The path is clearly marked with frequent labelling and constitutes ideal start for the beginners. The region is a beloved destination for many trekkers while nature’s pictures alternate by the seasons and offer unique experiences.


Kastoria’s Lake March 29, 2009

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On of the most beautiful wintry landscapes is also the lake of Kastoria. Covered under the fog’s veil it gleams shyly every morning. The boats are stand rest and the only sound that can be heard are the flutter of the lake’s daily visitors that are taken off by its frozen surface.

The photos are taken by Dimitris


Trekking in Olympus January 31, 2009

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It is not easy to describe a place that even the photos can not capture..


Egypt January 3, 2009

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Some more Apostolis’ photos from the daily life in Egypt..


Egypt December 25, 2008

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Egypt….the land of Pharaohs, the land of the Pyramids, the land of Sphinx, a  land-window to the mysterious Africa…  Apostolis photos will give us a taste ..

شكرا لك Apostoli

translation: thank you Apostoli


Merry Christmas!! December 24, 2008

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! I am wishing you unique trips, with a lot of experiences! And don’t forget to send me your photos and your comments when you return..